Muai - Vocabulary - Nominal-Verbal Roots

fank- : {constructor} to make, to construct, to mount, to create {construction}
fans- : {agent} to act {action}
fent- : {worker} to work with {job, subject, object}
fink- : {searcher, seeker, wanter} to search, to seek, to want {searched, sought, wanted thing}
hont- : {word, symbol, sign} to represent, to signify {meaning, signifiant, concept} 
hunt- : {object} to serve for a subject and an action (or verb) {subject and action}
kanf- : {counter, quantifier} to count, to quantify {counted or quantified thing}
kanp- : {area, volume, space} to be delimited by {boundary, frontier}
kent- : {element, part} to be part of element of {entity composed by elements}
konp- : {occupier} to occupy {volume, area, field, extension}
kiaf- : {aggressor, attacker} to attack {victim}
kuom - : {eater, drinker, being capable of intake} to eat or drink {food or beverage}
kunf - : {chooser, specifier} to choose, to specify {chosen or specified thing}
link- : {link} to link {linked things}
lunl- : {thing} to be linked, related to {another thing}
mant- : {experiencer} to experience, to feel {experience, feelling}
ment- : {thinker, rational being} to guess, to think {thought}
miak- : to be the mother of
miek- : {lover, liker, enjoyer} to love, to like, to enjoy {loved, liked or enjoyed thing}
mint- : {student} to study {subject, science branch}
munt- : {knower, wise} to know {knowledge, known fact}
piak- : to be the father of
puom- : {fruit} to be a fruit from {plant}
punk- : {point} to be a point located at {position}
sens- : {event} to happen simultaneously to or at the same place as {event of reference, time, place}
siok- : {player} to play {game}
sonk- : {organizer} to organize {thing to be organized}
tenk- : {teacher} to teach {pupil}
tiak- : to be the generator of
tinf- : {giver, donor} to give something to {receiver, taker}
tinh- : {thing, entity} to have as a predicate {predicate, quality, feature, characteristic}
tint- : {thing, predicate} to be {thing, predicate}
tunf- : {agent of movement} to move {moved thing}
tuonk- : {principal thing} to be the principal thing of {collection}

Some interesting derivations:

lonkahinsapunk- : {space-time point} to be located in {space-time position}
pauakiaf- : {killer, destroyer} to kill, to destroy {victim, destroyed thing}
pauament- : {intelligent being who reachs a conclusion} to conclude {conclusion}
keiatinf- : {sender} to send {future receiver}

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