Muai - Grammar - Specifiers

Muai specifiers give additional information about the concepts described by the word preceded by the them, saying in which way that predicate applies to the concept. Here some examples:
.kioi mieko hifiafi-tei.
I like butterflies too.
.liai mieko hifieli tiu-tei hikiani.
He likes cats and dogs.

.liai mieko hifieli tiu-lau hikiani
He likes cats or dogs.
.liai mieko hifieli tiu hikiani-lau
He likes cats... Or dogs.
.liai mieko hifieli tiu-kou hikiani
He likes either cats or dogs.
.kioi mieko-nou liai.
I don't love her.
.liai mieko hifieli tiu-tei hikiani-nou
He likes cats and not dogs.

She likes cats but not dogs.

.tiei mieko liai huai-mai?
Do you love her?
Yes [that's true].
.tiei mieko kioi, huai-mai?
You love me, {this clause}-{interrogation particle}
You love me, don't you?
Actually, the question mark is superfluous, as the rest of the punctuation: tiei mieko kioi huai-mai.
.tiei mieko-sai kioi, huai-mai?
You love me now, don't you?
.tiei mieko kioi-sai, huai-mai?
You love me as I am now, don't you?
.tiei-sai mieko kioi, huai-mai?
You, as you are now, love me, don't you?
.tiei mieko kioi, huai-tai.
You love me, actually.
.tiei mieko-hau kioi.
You would love me.

You can know all Muai specifiers here: Word Builder: Specifiers.

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